Go Vegan Wavy and Curls Shampoo


The Go Vegan Wavy and Curls shampoo combines castor and rosehip oils in a botanical and vegan formula. This shampoo helps with the definition of curls, with softness and shine without leaving any residue. This product was specially formulated for a quick rinse, using less water to save the planet’s natural resources.

This product was not tested on animals.

Vegan product. Castor oil, rosehip oil, biotin, citric acid.

Apply the Go Vegan Shampoo to damp hair, gently massaging. Rinse and repeat, if necessary. Note that because this shampoo is sulfate-free, it produces less foam, and rinses faster. For better results, combine with the usage of the Go Vegan conditioner as a step 2. 


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