Coconut Hair Mask


The Coconut Bombar deep-conditioning hair mask has a powerful formula that moisturizes the driest hair fibers, rebuilding, and nourishing it. The formula contains the best Brazilian coconut oil and coconut milk to get dry, voluminous hair under deep hydration. Experience the power of coconut hydration!

Its regular use contributes to healthy hair growth.

Not tested in animals.

100% Vegan Product. 
Coconut oil, coconut milk, shea butter, biotin, citric acid (Vitamin C).

After washing the hair with Coconut Bombar Shampoo and Coconut Bombar Conditioner, remove all the excess water. Apply the mask to damp hair, massaging it. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

For enhanced results, make the hair mask warm or use a warm towel around the hair for even better absorption by the cuticles.


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