True or false facts about hair coloring

Get your facts right about hair coloring!

If you color your hair from an early age, it might accelerate grey hair.

Nothing you do to your hair strands will impact the color of your roots.

Chlorine damages hair and can impact your hair color, making your blonde orangy or greenish.

The chlorine will dry the hair strands. The chlorine will also act directly on hair protein and its pigmentation. The pigmentation will vary depending on the levels of chlorine present in the water and the time of said exposure to it.

Coloring and bleaching hair will damage the hair strands.

Any chemical process to hair, whatever it might be, will cause changes in hair structure. Most chemical processes will remove a natural layer of protection from hair, and if not cared for carefully can cause damages, especially when brushing or blowdrying hair. Anything that can causes friction to hair right after a chemical process can be bad for your hair if it is not provided with the right hydration.

To avoid any damage to colored hair, we highly recommend using products high on hydration ingredients and vitamins, like a deep hydrating hair mask. If possible, intensify the use of a hair mask in the first 2 weeks after any chemical treatment and coloring process.