INOAR accepts most forms of payments through its online platform. 


Our website is built to accept online payments for all of our consumer products. We accept credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Discover), debit cards and newer payment forms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay.


For all professional products, we require verification and/or proof of a professional license in the state said professional works. After the professional license is confirmed, we may issue an invoice or approve the professional to shop on our website and pay in any form described above.

If a consumer wishes to purchase a professional product, we highly recommend a search for a professional that is able to apply said products. If you do not find a professional that carries INOAR in your area, we might be able to recommend you one in proximity. 


If you have any additional questions regarding how to make a payment on products, please do not hesitate to email us.