10 tips for healthy and shiny blonde hair

Everyone’s hair dreams are the same: healthy, shining, and bright hair. For blondes, this could be a little more challenging since the process can damage the hair strains. So we got some of the best professional advice for those taking this matter seriously.

1) Keep your hair blonde with the help of a professional

The discoloration process is complex and is carefully executed by professionals that know how to avoid damaging your hair or breaking its outer layer of protection. Making sure you go to an experienced hairstylist will avoid falling into some of the most common damages known to blondes.

2) Use the right products and tints

Tints are blondes’ biggest allies. It is quite normal that everyday-wear like sun, wind, and pollution causes oxidation on blonde hair making it yellowish or orange looking. So treat your blonde with the right professional tint refresh. At home, it is important to use the right products (shampoo, conditioner, masks) for blonde hair that will keep your color healthy-looking for longer. We do not recommend using tint on your own. Many products have different applications and ways of use and only a professional can guarantee the best results.

We do recommend Absolut Speed Blond for your daily shampoo and conditioning to avoid color fading.

3) Follow the recommendations for discoloration intervals

A lot of times, hairstylists will recommend the process to be completed in phases over several days. This generally avoids damage to already weak hair. Don’t attempt to accelerate the process on your own or look for a different professional.

4) Invest in thermal protection

If your daily routine includes blowdryers and straighteners, you absolutely need to protect your hair strands against the excessive heat. There are many products that seal the hair like Argan oil. Some products are also specifically made to react to heat creating an extra protection layer, like the Thermoliss Balm.

5) Healthy blond and straight hair: is it possible?

People that have chemically straighten hair can also have blond color and vice-versa! However, you must know that chemically treated hair has a different reaction and could alter your hair color or product usage. We recommend going to a professional to obtain the best results when combining the two and of course, tell them all the products and treatments that you have been using.

Our own Thermoliss professional product line was created to make sure you have healthy colored and straight hair as your heart desires.

6) Platinum blonde and healthy curls: how to have both?

It is essential that you chat with your hairstylist and do a small test before going full platinum blonde. The whole process can potentially change your hair proteins and the shape of your curls. Some curls might get looser or frizzier, and only a professional test will guarantee the best results.

7) Water temperature matters

Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Ideally, warm or cold water works best to keep hair shining. Additionally, platinum hair can look even dryer because of the bleaching process and should not be washed daily.

8) Start including hair repair in your routine

Repairing your hair is essential. You will need to add proteins to strengthen your hair at least every 2 weeks. If you decide to use hair masks as much as twice a week in the beginning, even better. Give your hair what it needs to get the proper nutrition and hydration. 

9) Chlorine and saltwater: how to enjoy the pool and the ocean properly

Especially during summer, you must protect your hair from sun and wind damage. In the case of blondes, the pool’s chlorine and the ocean’s saltwater require additional protection. Otherwise, you end up with a different color than the one desired, often times a bit ‘orangy’ or ‘yellowish’. Use a sun blocker before or a hair mask before and after being exposed to nature’s elements.

10) Keep hair appointments regularly in your schedule

It is highly suggested that you get a hair cut at least 3 times a year. Getting a frequent trim eliminates the driest part of your hair, which gives you a healthier overall look. It is also said to stimulate growth!