How can pre-poo help with the health of your hair?

To have beautiful and healthy hair is everybody’s dream. We know that every hair treatment starts with a proper wash. However, over time, it was observed that there is a need to protect hair from substances intended to clean but end up drying it out. Therefore a methodology called pre-poo was created.

Before we get started, what exactly is pre-poo?

The method is nothing more than to prepare the hair to receive a wash with shampoo and not suffer so much with the action of the cleansing agents: sulfates. The exact product used in this process may vary, but its function is basically hydrating and nourishing the hair BEFORE the wash itself.

In summary, the use of these pre-poo products helps to keep the natural hair oiliness, since, due to frequent hair wash, shampoo products remove it, often times drying out the hair. That is why, it is recommended to use shampoo only in the scalp, cleansing oiliness accumulated in the roots but maintaining the nourishment of the hair length and tips.

Generally, people use pre-shampoo, conditioners, mascara or coconut oil for this process. Each of these products brings a different advantage for the hair. Get to know a little of each one of them and choose the one that best suits you!

Using a pre-shampoo product 

With a similar consistency and formula to a conditioner, the pre-shampoo is ideal for those who are looking for the benefits of the pre-poo method in a product specially created for this process. This way, the pre-shampoo is capable to meet the nutrition and protection needs of the hair before receiving any sulfates that your product might have (unless you already use a natural, sulfate-free formula in your shampoo).

Using conditioners and nourishing masks as pre-poo

The conditioners and nourishing masks get a new function in the pre-poo method. This is because the nourishment it provides turns into a protection coat as long as the pores are still sealed during the wash (cold or warm water helps). That protection coat on the hair strain is at the heart of the pre-poo method.

Using coconut oil for pre-poo 

The most common reason to use coconut oil on hair is to humidify it. Using coconut oil for this process is an excellent option for the pre-poo method. 15 to 20 minutes of coconut oil on hair is capable of promoting the protection of hair strains during shampooing.


The pre-poo technique is very well known for those who practice Low Poo already. Technically, everybody can benefit from this method even if you don’t practice low poo. Pre-poo can improve the appearance of damaged hair that usually suffers from the daily use of strong sulfates in shampoos that are not natural and/or vegan.


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