Self-love has no borders

Recently, INOAR was made aware that some women at a West Coast shelter had almost no access to hygiene products. It is sad to us that even to this day, some women have a hard time with the very basics that we tend to overlook on a daily basis: taking a shower, clean water, shampoo, conditioner, etc.


We decided to take action right away and shipped hundreds of products that were available in our stock to make sure these women had proper shampoo and conditioner available. One of our team members visited the shelter a week prior and knew they had just remodeled the showers, so the timing was appropriate. Newly improved showers and quality hair products were available mid-October.


The shelter located in Tijuana (Baja California) has approximately 300 people at any given time, about 150 of these people are women and 80 are kids. They are asylum seekers and awaiting their approval to legally come to the US, from violent parts of Central America. Despite their simple living conditions, they are a strong community and keep their spirits high at all times.


We believe in self-care, self-love, and basic living conditions. We are glad to help these wonderful humans with our products.